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1141-430CW™ (Drop Ship)

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The Stacker-Bulb™Base-Stack™” 1141BS-430CW™ LED features a BA15s – i.e. (1141) base and a voltage range of 9-16 volts DC.

Product Description

Created by “GREGG WILSON DESIGNS”, the Stacker-BulbBase-Stack1141BS-430CW are used in conjunction with Stacker-BulbTop-Stack TS-320CW or Top-Cap TC-260CW to increase the Lumen output of the bulb.

They are designed with the following features;

  • To be Expandable using the new Patent Pending “Stacker Technology”
  • 9-16 Volts, the wide voltage range is designed to withstand the wide voltage fluctuations of a modern RV deep cycle battery system.
  • Easily “Dimmable” with standard incandescent bulb dimmer.
  • This LED Bulb produces “NO EMI so as not to wipe out TV stations or generate loud hissing sounds while enjoying the radio.
  • The only LED Bulb with our Patent Pending “Stacker Technology” to give expandability to your lighting needs.
  • Produces 430 lumen of bright Cool White light @ 6500K, (Not Calculated like others), but Tested in a “Spectroradiometer Integration Sphere”.
  • Saves power by operating on only .340 Amps for a rating of 4.61W.
  • Energy efficient and Eco-friendly, contains no mercury
  • This product does not emit ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • LED bulbs can last up to 60,000 hours or more.
  • Bulb uses Aluminum Cage Technology to run cooler.
  • The Bulb base is a BA15s – i.e. (1141)
  • Replaces bulb types 1003, 1073, 1093, 1141, 1156, 1159, 1295, 3497, 5007, 5008, 7506, 7527

The Stacker-Bulb™Base-Stack™” 1141BS-430CW™ LED replacement bulbs are built with the finest LED lighting technology and materials available and are the only bulbs in the RV Industry that incorporate the new Patent Pending “Stacker Technology” that allows you to expand on the Lumen output of each bulb and more tailor the product to your lighting requirements. The Stacker-Bulb™Base-Stack™” 1141BS-430CW™ LED features a BA15s – i.e. (1141) base and a voltage range of 9-16 volts DC. This wide-voltage range is designed to withstand RV power fluctuations that can damage ordinary LED lights. This Bulb also produces “NO EMI so it will not disrupt your Radio or TV while viewing. The Stacker-Bulb™Base-Stack™” 1141BS-430CW™ produces 430 Lumen of Cool White color @ 6500K, uses 4.61 watts of power and runs COOLER due to its Aluminum cage design.

Each Stacker-Bulb™Base-Stack™” 141BS-430CW™ LED bulb has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours or more which is many times longer than a standard bulb it replaces which saves money and time, especially in those hard-to-reach places where replacing an incandescent bulb can be difficult. This product does not contain mercury or emit ultraviolet (UV) light. The Stacker-Bulb™Base-Stack™” 1141BS-430CW™ LED Bulb was manufactured to high standards to allow it to withstand the daily shaking and vibration of a modern RV without failing.

Patent Pending

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in